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Remote for Sony TV


"Remote for Sony TV" is an application that lets you control your TV. Its a virtual remote but this app have all the features of the real remote.To use the remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet on the same wifi network as your TV and you have to accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network, it is not necessary to be near the TV.If by mistake you have refused the confirmation message on your TV ( Message for establishing communication ), it is possible to change your selection by going to :/ HOME / Network / Home Network Setup / Remote Device / Remote Device ListHere is the list of features :- Increase / decrease the volume- Changing Channels- Use the navigation pad- Use the media player functions- Smart TV function , info , guide, return- And more ...The application works with the following tv:XBR-X95xB seriesXBR-X90xB seriesXBR-X85xB seriesXBR-X850A series XBR-X90xA seriesXBR-84X900/84X905XBR-HX950/HX955/HX957XBR-HX920/HX925/HX927/HX929KD-X95xxB seriesKD-X90xxB seriesKD-X85xxB seriesKD-X80xxB seriesKD-X850xA seriesKD-X900xA seriesKD-X920xA seriesKD-84X9000/84X9005KDL-X83xB seriesKDL-W95xB seriesKDL-W92xA seriesKDL-W90xB seriesKDL-W85xB seriesKDL-W8xxB seriesKDL-W7xxB seriesKDL-W6xxB seriesKDL-W5xxA seriesKDL-S99xA seriesKDL-W60xA seriesKDL-W65xA seriesKDL-W67xA seriesKDL-W70xA seriesKDL-W80xA seriesKDL-W85xA seriesKDL-W90xA seriesKDL-W95xA seriesKDL-EX540/EX550/EX553/EX555/EX557KDL-EX650/EX651/EX653/EX655/EX657/EX65A/EX750KDL-HX750/HX751/HX752/HX753/HX755/HX756/HX757/HX758/HX759/HX75A/HX75GKDL-HX850/HX853/HX855/HX857/HX950/HX953/HX955KDL-NX650/NX655KDL-HX920/HX923/HX925/HX820/HX823/HX825/HX827/HX720/HX723/HX725/HX729KDL-NX720/NX723/NX725/NX727KDL-EX720/EX721/EX723/EX724/EX725/EX726/EX727/EX728/EX729/EX72SKDL-EX620/EX621/EX520/EX521/EX523/EX524/EX525/EX527KDL-EX420/EX421/EX423/EX425/EX427/EX320/EX325KDL-CX520/CX521/CX523/CX525/CX527/CX400DISCLAIMER This app is neither an official Sony product, nor are we affiliated with the Sony company.